The VEU scheme is a program run by the Victorian government. Initially known as VEET scheme, the program was established under the Victoria Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007. The program commenced in 2009 targeting towards the reduction of carbon footprint in the environment and to make energy improvements more affordable. Read more…

Who We Are

Founded in 2019 with the ulterior motive of making customers understand the benefits of Green Energy Solutions and helping them implement the same in their lives. Since then we have helped hundreds of victorian residential households conserve energy usage by upgrading their existing high wattage energy systems to low wattage high performing FREE LED solutions under VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade - previously known as VEET) program.

Our company works very closely with one of the top most Accredited Persons in the market. We take utmost care of following the set guidelines and protocols as described in the VEU program.

Old vs New Lights


Benefits of VEU Scheme

Scheme valid for all Victorian home owners and tenants.
Free assessment for everyone.
Free swap of old CFL, Incandescent or Halogen lights with brand new LED lights.
Lights are installed by an A-Grade Certified and REC Licensed electrician.

LED Products Installed Under VEU Scheme

LED Globes

High efficiency globes to replace CFL and incandescent lights

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LED Reflectors

High efficiency reflectors to replace halogen reflectors

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LED Downlights

High efficiency downlights to replace halogen downlights

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LED HiBays

High efficiency HighBays to replace mercury and vapour HighBays

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High bay lighting is a solution for spaces and sites with high ceilings, where bright and uniform lighting is needed over a large area. Highbays are mostly used in commercial spaces such as factories, warehouses or retail stores, where ceilings are over 6 mts.

Every business wants to attract customers and make them feel safe on their site. Since LED Highbays, do not emit UV and there is no mercury used, they are considered to be ideal for workspaces and safe for employees and customers.

Benefits of LED HighBays:
1. LED Highbays are much more energy efficient than the old style mercury highbays. These lights have an improved aesthetic to give a much more streamlined modern look and are also very low maintenance as they last on average 50,000 hours

2. LED lights produce more lumens of light and make your business really shine brighter.

3. LED Highbays have instant startup time with no warm up or cool down time as compared to Metal Halides or HPS lights that not only have long warm up times, but also produce UV and infrared radiation.

4. LED Highbays deliver high quality lighting, with a range of colour temperatures available.

5. They are highly energy efficient and produce a wide degree spread of light with very little spillage and therefore wasted energy.

6. LED Highbays produce minimal heat, which is particularly beneficial in a temperature-controlled or sensitive environment.

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Quality assurance and customer satisfaction is at the centre of our work culture. It is like having second nature in the business. We ensure high quality standards across company's portfolio.

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